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Heidi and Dimitri

Pack your bags, We are getting married in Corfu, Greece!

Our Story

Dimitri and Heidi met in July 2022 by complete chance. Rachel (Heidi's Matrion of Honor) and Staci (Dimitri's mother) are both nurses and happened to working on the same floor that day. Staci was trying to set up her son when Rachel chimed in and said "my sister is single!" From there, Dimitri and Heidi went on their first date at Los Chingones in DTC. They have been inseparable ever since. Dimitri and Heidi love to travel and try new foods at any chance they get! Two very important members of their family are unable to make the trip to Greece, their fur-babies, Khaleesi who is an Anatolia Shepherd and Drogo who is a Rottweiler.